Visual Studio Code

Read the Documentation

The Documentation is exhaustive and detailed: read the doc! This is even more true before installing a (random) package: the functionnality you are looking for is probably in the core of vscode! At least, read the Basic Editing. For every languages or functionnality (intellisense, debugging,…), the documentation also provides a list of useful and recommended associated packages.

Useful shortcuts

The full list can be accessed by doing : ctrl + k then ctrl + r. It might differs from the OS you are using :

  • ctrl + p : command prompt to select file (add a > to use extension)
  • ctrl + shift + p : command prompt (for extension)
  • ctrl + x: cut entire line (if nothing featured)
  • ctrl + c: copy entire line (if nothing featured)
  • ctrl + k then ctrl + c : comment line
  • ctrl + k then ctrl + u : uncomment line
  • alt + click : insert new cursor
  • shift + alt + ↑/↓ : insert cursor above/below
  • ctrl + f : format line or multi-lines (= auto indent)

Packages: everything you need!

We recommend the user to install only packages that have many users and to give priority to recommended packages. Here is a list of some packages that we tested (and approved!). Obviously keep the number of packages as small as possible: if you don’t do C/C++, do not install the C/C++ package.

Improved Graphical User Interface (GUI)