PhD Thesis

The day has come: you are going to write a manuscript (e.g. a PhD Thesis (why not!)). Instead of starting from scratch, infomath provides ready-to-use templates (yes, we are that awesome)

Cloning and extracting the template

The repository contains a folder thesis in which two templates are provided, one for sorbonne-universite and one for PSL. Choose the template you want an copy it somewhere, outsite a git folder, and init it as a git repository:

❯ git clone tmp_latex
❯ cp -r tmp_latex/thesis/sorbonne-universite mythesis
❯ rm -rf tmp_latex
❯ cd mythesis

A good idea is to make this folder a git repository, and track the files (after, you’re reading a git tutorial!):

❯ git init
❯ git add **/*.*
❯ git commit -m "initialization"


❯ pdflatex thesis.tex


You have to fill some meta data in the thesis.tex file and you can compile it!

% yathesis configuration (choisissez votre labo !)
% informations dépendantes du labo (choisissez votre labo !)