Too Long; Didn’t Read: Download our header files and place them into your Template directory:

The header is the part of the .tex file that is located prior to \begin{document}. It’s also known as the “I don’t understand what is it but this is an heritage from the supervisor of my supervisor and, you know, it kind of work”.

The header contains numerous package. It’s important to keep this number as small as possible because some package breaks other package, and the order of inclusion is important: if two packages declare the same function, then the last called wins. For example, hyperref should always be the last to be called.

Header files can be downloaded on our git repo:

On many OS, it’s posible to add template files. On Ubuntu (or Debian with Gnome desktop), simply add these files in home/Template/latex/. When you create a new file in your explorer, this template will be used.