Tools & Workflow

This website is built using these two open-source great tools:

  1. Hugo: the engine, a static site generator. Kind of like the engine that transforms a .tex file to a .pdf. The language is not LaTeX but Markdown, easier to learn yet less powerful.
  2. Wowchemy: the design, a theme for Hugo (layout, design, …). Roughly speaking, it’s the documentclass and frontmatter of a LaTeX file.

The workflow can be decomposed into two steps:

  1. Create a static website (.html files) from Markdown (.md files) source code using Hugo:

    graph LR A("Markdown (.md)") -->|hugo|B("HTML (.html)")
    as ((Lua)La)TeX engine that transforms .tex file to a beautiful .pdf file. In this step Hugo use a local webserver, so that you can see the result of your modifications of the source files almost in real time.

  2. Publish these HTML files to a webserver, for example using Rsync:

graph LR B(HTML) --> |rsync|C(Webserver)